About Nationwide Accessories

Nationwide’s Mission Statement
Nationwide supplies only quality products, superior technical support and exceptional service ensuring that our customers enjoy the freedom of the road without compromising safety, reliability or comfort.

Nationwide’s Vision
From the outset in 1981 when the company was founded it has always been Nationwides vision to become the largest motorcycle tyre and accessories importer in NZ.

From small beginnings, with an emphasis on customer service and being a one stop shop, Nationwide achieved this within a three-year period.

During the late 1980’s Nationwide’s Managing Director, Mr Allan Nieper, saw a gap in the market for PCR tyres and successfully secured a sole import agency agreement to import and distribute Toyo car tyres from Japan.

The business vision at Nationwide is lived out each day through the enthusiasm, energy and drive of its’ Managing Director, Allan Nieper.

This is reflected in the way in which he encourages staff members to perform their daily tasks.

The business is dynamic never standing still for a moment. Nationwides vision shows itself through the quality and breadth of its’ product lines as well as through the quality and depth of information in the associated promotional material.

Both Nationwides’ latest Motorcycle and Toyo Tires catalogues are testimony of this quality.

Product Line Quality
The quality of product lines is an easy process for Nationwide, as only brands with an existing international renowned name for quality are imported.

Nationwides Product Lines

  • PIRELLI Motorcycle Tyres
  • CHENG SHIN ATV tyres
  • MAXXIS ATV Tyres
  • MUDPRO ATV Tyres
  • SUN-F ATV Tyres
  • AGV Helmets
  • ZEUS Helmets
  • KBC Helmets
  • SENA Bluetooth Heasdset & Intercom
  • RST Motorcycle Wear
  • FALCO Motorcycle Boots
  • SHOT Race Wear
  • IPONE Motorcycle Oil Products
  • EBC Brakes
  • SUPERSPROX Sprockets
  • TSUBAKI Chains
  • PIPERCROSS Air Filters
  • DT1 Air and Oil Filters
  • TOPLITE Batteries
  • BS Batteries
  • KEITI Additions

Who are Nationwide's customers?
Nationwide’s primary customer base is the motorcycle tyre and accessory and passenger car tyre dealer network throughout New Zealand, however our final customer is the person who uses our products for their own personal use.

Customer focus
As part of Nationwides customer focus strategy, each customer is provided with a high quality product and access to knowledgeable and experienced staff who can guide them towards the correct product lines for their individual market conditions.

To grow this partnership, Nationwide ensures it stocks a comprehensive range of products within each market segment in which it does business.

Nationwide staff
Nationwide Accessories has experienced personnel in its employment who are able to market and distribute brands effectively.

Four of our longest standing staff members have between them a total of 91 years experience in the motorcycle industry.

Staff are required to work in the warehouse for the first month of their time with Nationwide so they become familiar with the range of company product lines and where they fit into the overall business.

Dealer Access to Sales Representatives
All dealers have telephone, e-mail and fax access to Nationwides office staff, as well as telephone access to their individual area sales representative.

Any queries are replied to immediately or if investigation is required, within an hour.

How does Nationwide determine customer expectations and preference?

Nationwide listens to you, their customer. Procedures are in place where sales representatives provide a written report for every dealer call.

This is vital part of our marketing strategy to ensure that Nationwide’s management is constantly aware of individual dealers purchasing patterns and requirements.

Key elements of Nationwides customer service
The essential elements of Nationwides customer service policy are

To provide each dealer/customer with the product that they have requested, or a similar alternative, which is delivered at the requested time.

  1. Each New Zealand dealer receives a monthly visit from a Nationwide sales representative, who is aware of their individual needs. Regular telephone calls are made to dealers to ensure that a two-way communication line is continually open.
  2. Nationwide ensures that all telesales and sales representative staff are well trained and conversant with the technical aspects of all Nationwide product lines, and are able to present this information in a quick and efficient manner.
  3. Nationwides hours of dealer service overlap the dealers so that they have personal guaranteed telephone access from 7.45am to 5.30pm each weekday.
  4. Nationwide ensures that a courier delivers any product purchased to a dealer as quickly and as efficiently as possible. In the central and upper regions of the North Island of New Zealand a same day delivery can be achieved when products are ordered prior to 12.00pm.

Nationwides computer system operates in real-time so staff are constantly updated on stock levels, sales, back orders and the arrival times of any shipped orders, allowing up to date information to be supplied to dealers.

The quality of Nationwides computer database, product tracking system, product lines and promotions ensure that a dealer can be confident when ordering products and be certain of a delivery date.

Up to date product catalogues allow telesales staff to talk to dealers about product lines, while the dealer can simultaneously view them in their catalogue ensuring clarification and accuracy of orders.